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Hotel and Accommodation Linen Hire

We are the trusted linen service provider for top-tier hotels and accommodation facilities in the Canberra region. The service provided is comprehensive and includes the provision of laundering, ironing and delivery of linen for hotels, serviced apartments and resorts.

Capital Linen Service understands the unique challenges and opportunities that come with operating in the hospitality industry and that an excellent and prompt service is required.

In a recent survey customers were asked "What do you think when you hear Capital Linen Service?”  The top responses were: reliable, service and quality. This is testament to the service and product we provide.

Contact Capital Linen Service to discuss your requirements. Your hotel guests deserve high quality linen.

  • No stock purchase by the hotel
  • Regular and reliable delivery and collections service
  • Fluffy towelling, bath mats, hand towels and face washers
  • Crisp sheeting and pillowcases
  • Short order turnaround time, in most cases less than 24 hours
  • Great order fulfilment track record
  • Friendly and helpful customer support staff
  • Food and beverage linen to support the hotel

Aged Care Linen Hire

Capital Linen Service provides linen and laundering services for aged and residential care using either health or hotel linen.

Whether for independent living or high care, our linen will create a home-like atmosphere whilst meeting health standards.

The products and service provided gives the residential care team the peace of mind that there will always be quality linen available. Linen that has been processed according to Australian health standards.

Capital Linen Service is always ready and equipped to safely handle infection control issues and situations of quarantine.

Contact Capital Linen Service to discuss your requirements. Your tenants deserve hotel quality linen.

  • Luxury towelling items
  • Fresh sheeting and pillowcases
  • Incontinence products
  • Adult feeders
  • Effective infection control practices
  • Short order turn-around time, mostly under 24 hours
  • Regular deliveries and collections
  • Friendly and helpful customer support staff

Health Care and Sterile Theatre Linen Hire

Capital Linen Service provides linen and laundering services for private and public hospitals, including on-site linen distribution and collection services. We have experience working alongside our customers to assist them in acquiring NSQHS National Safety and Quality Health Standards.

Pre-pack bundles are sterilised on-site and ready for use, and allow for quick access in operating theatres or day surgeries. Reusable barrier gowns and fabrics are regularly tested.

At Capital Linen Service infection control practices form part of daily activities whilst considering safety in everything that is done.

Contact Capital Linen Service to discuss your needs and to obtain a comprehensive quote.

  • Premium and standard general ward linen – sheeting, blankets, pillow cases
  • Hospital and theatre scrubs
  • Reusable gowns and drapes
  • Incontinence products
  • Sterile and non-sterile barrier products and theatre pre-packs
  • Responsive and flexible service
  • Order fulfilment rate of 99%
  • Detailed reporting


General Enquiries

Phone: (02) 6213 3262
Facsimile: (02) 6213 3282

Address: 9 Sandford Street
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